Sunday, March 1, 2009

Talim Island Part 1

Talim Island is a typical fishing community, a beautiful place to visit mainly because of its people. They were all very warm and accommodating, the fiberglass boats are the only means of getting to the Island that is in the middle of Laguna de Bay. The highest point of Talim Island is the Mount Tagapo or Susong Dalaga. "Susong Dalaga" because the mountain was shape of a woman's breast. On top of Susong Dalaga viewed the entire Laguna de Bay, Mt.Banahaw, Mt.Maculot, the entire Tagaytay Ridge, the SLEX, the Makati and Ortigas skylines, the Antipolo Mountains, Manila Bay, and all towns and provinces around Laguna area including Metro Manila.

Talim Island is the Largest Island in Laguna Lake consist of 17 barangays and extends 16 kilometers into Laguna de Bay. The barangay are kasile, bongbong, kaypita, kinagatan, kinaboogan, bangad, buhangin, janosa, kaytome, gulod, sapang, malakaban, ginoong sanay, pinagdilawan, mainit na sapa, tabon and habagatan-rayap.

Here are some snapshots of Talim Island:


Joernel said...

Thanks for visiting my blogs and thanks for all sopport.

Lindz said...

Hi, nice place it seems and the water look clean too.... hope you dont mind me checking up your blog...LInda

Palito said...

I've been to Pipindan and Subay...and I'm always planning to visit Talim Island...but never had a chance to push through.

When I was in High School in Morong Rizal, I had classmates living in Talim Island.

Ganda pala. We'll schedule my visit soon. Nice entry and pics too.

Tina said...

Talim Island is very good natural place with big lack...i had been there at Barangay Gulod, take boat,and climb the mountain (^_^)
People who living there are very friendly and warm from heart..
I wish I can reach there again in near future...