Monday, March 9, 2009

Dalaguete with San Guillermo

The antiquity of Dalaguete can be gleaned from its parish church. Built in 1771, the year (the year the town and parish were founded), it was a masterpiece of Fr. Juan Chacel. J.T. Newman describes the church:

Dalaguete with San Guillermo as its patron is pseudo-baroque. The altar is shaped like a shell and it is one church with false galleries constructed at the upper sites of the altar. It is said that there used to be a small statue of San Guillermo with diamonds for eyes. But this has been stolen or lost

The town of Dalaguete used to be only a barrio of Carcar. But it progressed rapidly. As a 16th century town, it had a large wharf and the strongest fort outside of Manila. There were bastions of stones protecting it. It had good roads that facilitated communications and the town already had possessed a telegraph system.

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